Electronic other world-ness” – Little Indie Blogs

as beautiful as it gets… their dark and brooding post rock deserves a wider audience. This is a band that needs to reach for the heavens” – Truluv

Rides on waves of dark and bombastic atmosphere” – guteshoerenistwichtig (Translated from German)

edits plural noun
1. a change or correction made as a result of editing.

Edits have been making their mark on the Manchester scene now for a few years, tweaking and tinkering, finding their own voice amongst the crowd.

Haunting and melancholic, yet charming and endearing, the duo have been described as a breath of fresh air.

Sandwiched somewhere between synthpop and post-rock, Liv Westhead (Vocals/Synths) and Chris Abbott (Guitars/Programming) create ambitious, atmospheric, ‘electronic other world-ness.’
Hints of Chvrches, The XX & Radiohead shine through amongst more unlikely influences such as Aphex Twin, Deftones and classical music.

Formed in the legendary crumbling walls of Salford Uni’s Adelphi building (where Manc greats Everything Everything, Delphic and Dutch Uncles began their journey) in 2013, Edits may have known each other since the age of 15 but it wasn’t until then that things really came to life.

Edits take pride in their D.I.Y. aesthetic; producing everything they make themselves, even their music videos.

[Soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/editsband/dont-speak