Cheshire-based Pop/Indie band formed early 2018. The band consists of Ryan Pridding and Anthony Edes, who first began making demos, before recruiting Arthur Jones and Christopher Mee on bass and drums. They released their first single ‘Wanna Be’, in May of 2018. In very little time the four piece ‘found their sound’ with a mixture of influences from different genres but a common fixation on pushing boundaries in the Pop/Indie genre. Creating a dreamy relevant sound with words of angst.

Incorporating a mixture of emotions that’s captivating and easily relatable like a soundtrack to a movie about any young life. Standing out in an extremely competitive industry the band have been described as “Full package to pick up – These guys not only deserve a chance, but their quality demands a chance. These are a band to see and hear.” – SCENE AND HEARD��

From day one the band have gained a lot of attention with a fast growth in their fan base with no signs of slowing down.