Martyn Ellis, an ex-soldier from North Wales, channels his experiences of war into poignant lyrics and gripping melodies with an acoustic punk sound.

After two tours of Afghanistan, suffering from PTSD and a breakdown, Ellis turned to songwriting as a way of expressing his pent-up feelings of loss and anxiety. On his debut album “I’ve Got Something To Say” Ellis shows emotional intelligence and a raw, delicate openness that simply draws in the listener.

His live shows are packed with emotion and a genuine love for the music and leave you feeling like you’ve journeyed with him through each experience, from tales of parties in the life of a punk rock kid to the traumas faced by a man at war.

With his best feeling of achievement being playing a gig where the crowd knew his lyrics for the first time, Ellis maintains a humble relationship with his fans, offering them open and honest music with the intention of showing that, no matter how bad things get, there is always hope and the opportunity to turn things around.