OVVLS (pronounced Owls) are an experimental duo residing in the outskirts of Liverpool, UK. Producing cinematic music with dark soundscapes and haunting vocals, the pair actively collaborate with artists from differing art forms to bring new dimensions to their music.

“OVVLS are a complete package – a band who’s meticulous eye for detail isn’t just reflected in their music – but their on stage visuals and single releases.” – LIVERPOOL ECHO

Their debut release, the Recrudescence Trilogy, broke new ground through a series of unique physical releases and striking inclusion of spoken word B-sides gaining Spotify play listing and airplay on stations such as BBC 6 Music.

“OVVLS are always looking to do something special.” – CLASH

Their ethos has quickly grabbed the attention of press around the globe and has resulted in the band playing the likes of New York and Philadelphia. The band have also played on lineups including likeminded artists such as Clinic, Let’s Eat Grandma and Warpaint.