Hailing from the city of Chester in north-west England, SlipperFace are an emerging three-piece who pride themselves on being 100% DIY, and crafting a sound that they describe as “a swash of loud, quiet, noise and melody“.

Having played some well-received sets at intimate venues across their native region, as well as bringing out a debut single, ‘True Romance’, to much positive feedback, the band now have their sights set on further achievements, including performing as many gigs as possible, and putting together a first album. ”Muzak Review”

“This is one of the most interesting new tracks from a new band I’ve heard in a while.

Slipperface throw some deliciously grungy riffs down in this catchy and bass-heavy indie-rock track, with vocals which are melancholic and broody but never gloomy and far from dull. The pace is great, the attitude almost jovial but not flippant, and the chorus is too damn infectious” (Down the Front Media)

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/slipperface

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/ahN9SGSCYgg

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3mhrfsIA8l0aKmRVoQm9XH