So it all starts on Monday morning, ‘Online & Live’ will be all go!

It’s been so hard for us to fit all the submissions into the festival week but we’re going to give it a dam good go!

Jennings Couch will headline day 1 of Chester Live’s ‘Online & Live’

Here’s how Monday 15th June lines up:

10am – Kevin Daniel (USA)
11am – David Subacchi (UK)
Midday – PRÏNCEPS (UK)
2.30pm – Alison Darwin (ESP)
5.30pm – Lost Like Alice (UK)
6.30pm – Fern Leah Mitchell (UK)
7.30pm – Rob Thomas Music / Wide-Ball. (UK) (LIVE SET)
8.30pm – Will Riding Music (UK)
9.30pm – Jennings Couch (USA/UK)

Rob Thomas (Wide Ball) will deliver the first ‘live’ session of ‘Online & Live’ 2020

We think we’ve put together an absolute stellar line up to start the week and we hope this gives you a flavour of what’s to come at ‘Online & Live’.

You’ll be able to watch each of these videos on our Chester Live socials and at

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Alison Darwin, from Barcelona, will perform twice at ‘Online & Live’ 2020