Friday sees most of you coming to the end of the working week (assuming you’re back in work) but for us it’s just the start of an amazing weekend of live music at Chester Live‘s ‘Online & Live’ event.

Beans on Toast was due to headline the full Chester Live festival before the Covid-19 crisis shut down festivals across the UK

Let’s just hope we get the sun to make us think we’re at the actual festival!

Here’s how Friday 19th June lines up:

10am – The Dee Brothers (UK)
11am – Fern Leah Mitchell (UK)
Midday – League of Lights (UK)
2.30pm – Chris Howarth Songs (UK)
5.30pm – Scarlet. (UK)
6.30pm – The Jjohns (UK)
7.30pm – Oli Ng (UK) LIVE SET
8.30pm – Lyoness (UK)
9.30pm – Beans on Toast (UK)

Lyoness feature current and former members of the band Gallows

We hope you enjoy!

You’ll be able to watch each of these videos on our Chester Live socials and at

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League of Lights will make their first Chester appearance at this event