Well that’s it, Chester Live ‘Online & Live’ is over. What an incredible week, we really hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us and listening to some incredible live music.

A huge thanks must go to every artist who submitted a video for the event, as mentioned at the start of the week it was an incredibly hard decision on who to choose and who we had to leave out. You’re all incredibly creative and we promise to get ALL videos onto our YouTube channel over the coming weeks

Thanks to you the fans for watching, the response and feedback has been incredible and although this has been a massive challenge we’re very much up for doing this again maybe in the winter of 2020.  Watch this space!

We now leave you with all of today’s videos, have a great time.

The links to all of today’s performances are now below for you to catch up or listen in again.


Luke Gallagher

Hannah Scott


Camila Andrew

The Banshees

Katherine Aly

Ty Harrington

Chris Tavener




The Jjohns

Will Riding

Sit back, relax and enjoy! We can’t thank you all for watching enough it’s been a pleasure ‘having you’ with us for this week.

See you all at the next event. Hopefully in person!

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