Morning All!

After our team meeting on Saturday evening (via Zoom) things are moving very fast now behind the scenes with our ‘Online & Live’ event in June.

Although the event is called ‘Online & Live’ it’s become apparent over recent months, as I’m sure everyone is aware, that online streaming often doesn’t deliver the quality an artist would want.

Chester Live wants this experience to be as valuable as possible for artists but also appreciate that technology, like broadband strength and quality, can spoil the viewing experience.

Due to this we will now allow acts to record themselves live at home and then submit those videos for the event.

This will also avoid any issues we’re going to have with time zones. Yes, we will have acts from all over the world playing this event! This a terribly exciting opportunity for us and one of the main opportunities which came out of our meeting on Saturday.

We already have a plethora of talent signed up for the event and we’re excited to release the names of these acts over the coming weeks.

Watch this space!

Interested in getting involved?

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